Mirror Affirmations Sticker Kit

Mirror Affirmations Sticker Kit

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Our Best Seller Is Back With A Brand New Design!!

Create your own magic mirror 💙🧡💚❤️💛⁣ ⁣

Where you and your children look into your own eyes and see your Best Self.⁣

No Marks, No Mess, Removable Mirror Vinyls - Instantly transforming your mirror at home into a fun and inspirational Affirmation Mirror! Your mini bestie will have tons of fun rearranging the words so it really feels like their own creation!


Featuring our favourite affirmations -  I AM, I FEEL, My Best Self, Strong, Love, Seen, Safe, Courageous, Powerful, Resilient, Confident, Enough, Kind, Grateful, Valued, Validated, Heard, Present & Authentic.



A little snippet of our best selling magic mirror kit relaunch loading with an exciting new twist 🚀🙌

Children can struggle to communicate their feelings, emotions and needs. I mean so can we! So imagine how hard it must be for them. “Acting out” is a cry of struggle to express. This needs to be built upon now to give children the tools they need for their big life and the real world. 

Time out days are over, “check yourself” in your magic mirror. 

I AM comes first. There is only one person we associated with I. Followed by all of our wonderful positive affirmations. 

How we talk to ourselves matters! 

Identity is a huge issue, largely associated with depression. 

Knowing exactly who we are builds self esteem, giving us direction and better communication skills. It grows confidence and enables us to set healthy boundaries. 

Imagine nailing this as a child