I Am My Own Best Friend : A Daily Journal

I Am My Own Best Friend : A Daily Journal

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I Am My Own Best Friend Journal

The Journal For Busy Minds -  A 3 Step Strategy.

When we clear our mind, we reduce anxiety and improve relaxation. Using these 3 steps of an evening can also help with sleep. When we feel more in control of our life we become more confident. When we have a clear idea on what we need to do, we can feel more motivated to begin.

It's when we lack control and have no idea where to begin that we feel overwhelmed and procrastinate. 

My 3 step framework will help with all of the above. It's simple to follow. It will take you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling like a badass in as little as ten minutes. Writing down what is on our mind is scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and even boost our immune system. This can also help with memory and communication skills. Creating actions and prioritising helps us with daily focus. Writing about our feelings really helps us to make better decision and come to our own solutions.

Not needing to find validation elsewhere really helps us build our internal power... YOU GOT THIS

You got you... YOU are a BADASS! Don't forget it!

50 days of journalling.


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